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Take me back, take me home
Take me to the beach and walk along the sand and make me a hot pendent. With that pebble held in your hand. Carve it like a necklace. So the heart falls where my chest is. So now a piece of you is a piece of the beach and it falls just where it needs to be and rests peacefully. So i'll just need to breath to feel your heart against mine now.

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tangina ang gwapo mo carlo puta

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"i will rape and impregnate your mother with the antichrist"

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life hack: make out with me

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do you think ed sheeran is pretty and hot? :)

asked by Anonymous


Oh yes! He definitely is. 

Even before I got into him this much, my description of an ideal man already kinda describes him. This would be purely physical, alright?

  • great jaw line 
  • big boned men (because I am too, I prefer someone who is not far from me)
  • good teeth not even the perfect teeth but you know those which their canines are kinda sharp looking? I really like it.
  • nice lips, nose . overall nice t zone area
  • I never liked masculine men so him having a belly and yet define arms is really ideal

*I feel like I’m describing an ex boyfriend, which I think I am.

*I have to say this though, I never knew what Ed looked like when I first heard the A Team. I have bad eyes so during that time I can’t really see every detail of it’s music video on TV. His voice and the song just caught my attention. In that moment I told myself “I will find this person and I know he’ll have a big impact in my life”. I still didn’t even pay attention to his looks when I came around on discovering his music. It was after attending his show that I realized that the boy is really good looking.

Just loooooook at this photos

-Kim x

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raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

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